Елена Яковлева женила сына The heir to the actress decided to create her family. The wedding of Denis and his Crazy girls was a mystery. “StarHit” to find out what was the ceremony and why lovers without the classic trappings of the holiday.
Елена Яковлева женила сына

In early July, the heir to the stars of the TV series “Kamenskaya” Denis Crazy played a secret wedding with sweetheart Victoria Melnikova. The triumph of the couple told only to her closest friends.

“Dennis and Victoria didn’t want to hold a big celebration with lots of guests, says “StarHit” Vladimir, the other Crazy. – Invited only the photographer and a couple of friends. They don’t even bother with costumes of the bride and groom. Denis once said: “I’m black!”, – but Vicky chose a classic white shirt and skirt. But they were the most fashionable in the registry office!”

After official registration, the couple celebrated the event in one of Moscow restaurants.

“Night mom congratulated David on the phone, – continues Vladimir. She is very happy for the guys. Aunt Lena have a good relationship with Vika. Always ask: “How are you doing?” or “how can I help?” The answer: “We are young, can handle themselves!”
Елена Яковлева женила сына

Familiarity Elena Yakovleva future daughter-in-law was held recently. A graduate of the Institute of journalism and literary creativity, the artist adopted into the family and made it clear that he fully endorses the choice of his son. Himself Denis on a joint life with the beloved does not like to talk. Answering the questions of the mother, the young man emphasizes that they are just happy and don’t want to share the details with others.

By the way, the heir Yakovleva previously planned a wedding, but due to disagreements with the sweetheart he was forced to break the engagement. Ex-girlfriend of the guy, Margaret, also like his mother, but when the couple decided to break up, the actress reacted to it philosophically, explaining that he has yet to come.

Елена Яковлева женила сына“Talk on the phone with my son every day, talking for 15-20 minutes. Just sharing the news: who was where, what I saw. Don’t like to scold or teach it – I’m too disorganized by profession. Even his tattoos all over the face do not make trouble. I’ve accepted – let it be the greatest misfortune that will happen with Denis in life. Thank God, does not do drugs, does not smoke, does not drink, engage in sports, well there is a boy such a flaw – tattoo”, – told Elena “StarHit”.
Елена Яковлева женила сына