Elena Yakovleva told about the tumultuous relationship with Dmitry Nagiyev

Елена Яковлева рассказала о бурных отношениях с Дмитрием Нагиевым
The actress called him “the coolest man in the country”.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Elena Yakovleva again starred with Dmitry Nagiyev in “the Christmas Tree”.

“I already starred in Żory Gooseberry family in the film “the best day”. And told him thank you, because this movie gave me second in my life, “the Golden eagle”. George replied, “Well, then this is for you the small part of “new Trees”. For this role I, of course, no heads will not give, but I slightly play up to the coolest man of our country — Dima Nagiyev. I think next to him to stand — this is happiness, — laughs Elena. We are always on the set develop a stormy relationship. This is “Kamenskaya” began. He is a man incredibly gifted. Because of this, will not understand what to expect from him. Nagiyev costs nothing to put a person in an awkward situation and watch how he will get out. Let’s say you’re talking on the cell phone, he doesn’t know who, but, passing by you, loudly say: “Len, where’s my underwear?” However, the “Christmas Trees”, we with Dima had little time for jokes. Only one day on the Playground. But what a romantic! (Laughs.)

Elena Yakovleva said that almost already past 2017 has been very successful — not only in terms of work.

“The year has brought me a lot of good — smiling actress. — Children got married. I was in two blockbusters starred in “the Last hero”, which is already out, and in the “Goalkeeper of the Galaxy”, this movie will be released next year. Let’s wait and watch what happens. Even the sixth season of “Sklifa” we’re done. And Pushkin Theater I came up with the play “it’s a wonderful life”, and in the CBD — “the Old house” directed by Vladimir Pankov, who I love very much. The play in one breath is. Wonderful atmosphere, I don’t know how it happened. A little less than a month ago, I started a page on the social network. For me this is a big step. All this new life brings me great pleasure and enjoyment. Want in the coming year all came”.

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