Елена Яковлева ночевала на вокзале и думала, что умрет от голода
The actress spoke about how he entered the theatrical Institute.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Elena Yakovleva dream of becoming an actress since childhood. And parents told that he will definitely go to Moscow to enter the theater. They laughed at her plans. At a high school graduation at the request of the class teacher, Helen, as everyone wrote a little note — who wants to be — of course, actress. But in the capital she went immediately. After school, who not only worked as a librarian, cartographer, komplektatsia. Mom was planning to send my daughter to study accounting, but did not.

“As soon as I got my first money, I Packed up and went away to Moscow, — says Yakovlev. — It was in 80-m to year. Was The Olympics. I couldn’t find a room or a room in the hotel — everything was booked. And I three nights spent at the station. I helped a good uncle, a policeman. It is absolutely free checked me into the hotel at ENEA. The room was simple with a double. Table-chair-wardrobe-bed. What I still need?! I was in Moscow, and I have a roof over my head. Not enough money for anything. Actually, I at some point even thought that here, maybe then I will die of hunger. But fortunately, on the second bed in my room was hooked different women. One of the neighbors turned out just gorgeous — I will go, she left me a jar of black caviar, has decided not to take her home. The last money I bought bread, butter. Black caviar — a great sandwich for a modest entrant!”

Of course, Elena didn’t expect to arrive in GITIS obtained so easily and quickly. The exam Yakovlev read a monologue of Katerina Maslova from the “Resurrection” of Tolstoy.

“I’m a theatrical collapsed to his knees on the wooden floor, hurt, — says the actress. — Commission this fall was not expected and to me it was obvious, stood up from the table. Then even the chair I framed. I got up and almost without a pause said, “a Fable. “The crow and the Fox”. And began to read. The chair I used. Portraying a crow, jumped on him. The Fox jumped down. But somehow miscalculated and fell, comically stuck between the back and seat of the chair. Got me out of some young handsome guy. I was wildly uncomfortable. But after my discharge, I continued: “And now poetry!” Stopped me: “Let’s dispense with the lyrics!” Took me! When I read the lists submitted his name, barely felt it. Because right before that I was at the movies and watched “Stalker” Tarkovsky. The movie shook me so much that it killed all my other emotions…”

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