Elena Yakovleva ordered the unusual Christmas gifts

Елена Яковлева заказала необычные новогодние подарки
The actress spoke about family traditions.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Elena Yakovleva admitted that they have long been accustomed to work during the Christmas holidays and she likes this tradition.

“I now understand that to work in the New year good and great, — said Yakovlev. — When you play, you also use in the last hour something to quickly put on the table. And so you have the whole day chopping those salads, Russian salad, vinaigrettes… Like it all got to eat at the same time and only once a year, and in a normal day you can’t cook yourself, but other times a jumble. I understand that it is absolutely not necessary, just a favorite dish at new year’s eve. But for some reason I still perform this ritual.”

Elena already knows where to celebrate the new year.

“In our home town. There well, dogs are my favorite. And now we will celebrate the year of the Dog. I surround myself with four of your dogs and I will shout your desire. In the house all relatives: husband, son and his wife coming, others not. And you can yell. Dogs I please and dress up. Ordered them sparkly collars, lights glowing. Usiku, Yorkshire Terrier, buy a new jacket. Last year I gave him a sweater with deer and trees, but he SnakeWay things quickly. The Labrador will present a squeaky toy because he loves them. Shepherd… it’s like, is important. Nobleman Yarik something special. This will be his first New year in our family. He’s such a fool, simpleton — very young, probably, do not understand. Yarik is actually named Tier. So called it Roma Madyanov. He and his wife saw in the winter in the country a dog that gave birth in the snow. Roma picked up all five of the puppies, call the theater: one Balcony, one ground, and then distributed via the familiar. Tier, aka Yarik — a loving and noble creature. Know what saved him. On hind legs walk. Somehow it sometimes seems that he, too, man.”

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