Elena Yakovleva nearly drowned

Елена Яковлева едва не утонула
Recently, the famous actress Elena Yakovleva gave a Frank interview and remembered the story of the youth that horrified her fans.

Елена Яковлева едва не утонула

In the childhood the actress wanted to go to sea, and later, luck smiled at her when another sample was appointed in Odessa. But in the water, Elena had an accident, she miraculously survived.

Елена Яковлева едва не утонула

“I went to the beach. The sea calm – so called because, when jellyfish hands disperse? My attention was drawn to people on the breakwater, standing with the newspaper to get a tan from all places. I decided I need to go. I think 20 meters would swim, as long as the water in the face. But it all went wrong, I came across the breakwater, tone, shouting hysterically: “save me!” And people are incredulous look, but then believe it, finally pulled me out. I was all cut shells, wet body bleeding. It was a horror. After the event don’t swim,” recalls the actress.

Recall that today, Elena is one of the most popular Actresses in Russian cinema.

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