Elena Yakovleva: “Gundareva was waiting for when I break down”

Елена Яковлева: «Гундарева ждала, когда я сломаюсь»
The actress spoke about the complex relationships in the acting world.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Elena Yakovleva, as she says, is lucky: she had to work with the legendary Russian actors, many of which have already gone. With those future star “Intergirl” literally prayed in his student years and ran on their performances in Mat or “Mayakovka”, Helen later met on the set. Among them — Natalia Gundareva, which Yakovlev starred in the TV series “St. Petersburg mysteries”. Here’s how the actress describes the meeting:

“At first we had serious distance. Because she is the Queen. But once we were shooting a very difficult, you can say, painful stage. Gundareva towered over me arrogantly, and I lay at his feet and sobbed: “Where is my daughter? Where is my daughter?” We shot this episode eighteen times. Started but could not finish, and I fell, cried, and then turned out the light are not sent, the camera something not so… I was exhausted and devastated, but continued to fall on his knees and cry. Gundareva and proudly stood by and watched. Then I realized — she’s just waiting when I’ll give up and say, “you Guys get together somehow coordinate their actions…” But with her I couldn’t afford anything like that. And the character I’m absolutely unconflictive. Miraculously when we filmed this scene, she said, “Lena, you can call me Natasha, and “you”. But I continued to refer to it. Respect and love for me was paramount. Two years after we filmed this movie, and I was allowed all the time, to be with gundarevoj. That is, I could break in to sit next to her and listen to her stories — it was bliss! She had the gift of absolute naturalness. Knew that her every dog knows, and wasn’t shy about it. Some artists, including me, sometimes try to sneak unnoticed. Natasha knew that slip, she can’t, she’ll find out anyway. So, wherever she went, always widely opened the door. In the morning, appearing on the court, she did not hesitate, not painted. And was so charming in his konopasek, with almost invisible blond eyelashes and eyebrows! Always and everywhere she was herself. A powerful personality and actress. At Natasha was not putting on airs: unique in the acting world phenomenon.”

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