Елена Яковлева сравнила сына-неформала с Тимати Elena Yakovleva spoke about the unusual appearance of the son of Denis. As an actress, heir to a long time wants to get rid of tattoos, which his even more than the rapper Timati.
Елена Яковлева сравнила сына-неформала с Тимати

25-year-old son of Elena Yakovleva is now almost more popular than his famous mother, and all thanks to the bright appearance. About 80% of the surface of the body of a young man covered in various tattoos. The heir of the artist often blamed for such love to body drawings, but the star always protects Denis.

Days 57-year-old Yakovlev gave an interview in which he admitted that his son had long dreamed to get rid of tattoos, considering them as errors of youth. However, until he can do it. The actress also compare Denis with rapper Timati.

“In comparison with what is Denis, Timothy is resting. He still needs to work. About the prettification of the body of my son said so much that I even tired to talk about it. And Denis and I have long repented that happened in his life. Now he regrets that he made these tattoos. But everyone needs to grow up and get smarter myself. I have my brain at the time could not invest. Going to do something. We want to invent a medicine that corrodes tattoo is not as painful as it is now,” she said.
Елена Яковлева сравнила сына-неформала с Тимати

First tattoo Dennis did as a teenager, and then his mother was completely against it. However, Yakovlev hardly expected that her son will be sent to the master again and again.

Now the appearance of Denis does not discuss only the lazy. The young man’s drawings on the body not shy. Moreover, he got a job in a school, where he tries to convince the younger generation of the need of thinking about their actions.

“Children with such interest listening to his stories about tattoos, including about how he regrets that made them. His understanding with the children immediately turned. Because the son works at the school, where children come from all countries, there are tribes where the tattoo is considered a terrible sin. And when these guys saw him, they immediately became friends and still correspond,” — said Yakovlev.

Itself 57-year-old actress dreams of having her son talked with the children not only at work but also at home. Elena does not deny that he wants to be a grandmother and to hear the patter of little feet in your home.

However, the heir Yakovleva is in no hurry to give her grandchildren. Recall that in July last year the heir to the actress married longtime girlfriend Victoria.

Dealing with “Sobesednik” Yakovlev said that her son happily married. The artist hopes that now he will stop experimenting with the appearance and find his true calling.