Elena Yakovleva are unable to enter the territory of Ukraine

Елена Яковлева не смогла попасть на территорию Украины

People’s artist of Russia Yelena Nikolaevna was not let on the territory of Ukraine. In the capital of the neighboring country, the actress had to present the play “Territory of love”, but Ukrainian border guards refused to let her, and turned home.

The journalists of Days.Ru got in touch with Elena to learn details of the incident, but Yakovlev and she still doesn’t understand what happened.
“I don’t know what to say. I was not allowed. The reason is the same – a visit to the Crimea. I have a little come to himself, to recover. This situation has me unsettled. I still know nothing, understand nothing, no article, not read. Had an unpleasant fact. All. Now I’m just want to get to the Motherland” — said Elena.
Recall that from visiting Crimea has been banned on the territory of Ukraine many artists: Elena Sparrow, Lolita, Natasha Koroleva, and even the representative of Russia at the international Eurovision song contest 2017 Julia Samoylova.