Elena Yakovleva admitted that he cheated Todorovsky

Елена Яковлева призналась, что обманула Тодоровского
The actress deliberately misled the famous Director.

Elena Yakovleva Peter Todorovsky

Photo: Mosfilm-info

The popularity of the film of Peter Todorovsky “intergirl”, after his release, beat all records. The picture with Elena Yakovleva starring gladly invited to film festivals from Cannes to Tokyo. In Japan Todorovski and Yakovlev went with a special interest — to get in the land of the rising sun in those years was considered a great success. There you can buy a video recorder (a device that opens a whole world of inhabitants of the USSR), and a television with a remote control. But such a prospect is opened only to those who have enough money to buy this equipment. Elena and Peter Efimovich was not enough even for that, one gets the video and another TV. They went shopping and licking his lips. And unexpectedly met Nikita Mikhalkov.

“Apparently, Nikita went to a TV to watch,” says Yakovlev. — Of course, Mikhalkov knew Peter Efimovich. They embraced, then talked, and quickly dispersed. Say good-bye, Todorovski whispered: “Now everyone will buy. Enough money — Nikita gave.” And we really have enough for small TVs and videos.

A worker of state security, who always followed Yakovleva and Todorovsky, could not understand how they managed to fulfill their dream. “He always asked us: “where are You going?” We answered: “nowhere”, and then ran out, ” recalls Elena. — Night walks in Tokyo unforgettable. Pyotr Yefimovich wondered around like a child. The greater the artist, the more he is open to the world. Besides, Todorovsky was very watchful eye. I remember how it fascinated the little robot that was repairing the road — carefully removed the tiles. And pylesosit, pristine pavement. And then another construction crane — he was airlifted by helicopter to the top of a house under construction and the skyscraper began to grow before our very eyes. Peter Y. all noticed and all were happy. I remember how he admired the beautiful pictures of Japanese masseuses… He thought it masseuses. I told him that. In every phone booth he tore these photos with beautiful faces, anywhere and in Japanese characters. When I Peter Efimovich came in to the room for some questions, noticed that he had around the tables, everything was plastered with these Japanese prostitutes. Maybe that’s why maids who had cleaned, so weird looked at him. Pyotr Yefimovich was very naive in a good way…”

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