Elena Volatiles revealed the true reason for leaving “Revizorro”

Елена Летучая раскрыла истинные причины ухода из «Ревизорро»
TV presenter asked to leave the show close.

Elena Volatile with the elect

Photo: Instagram

Elena Volatile, which recently is no longer the leading “Revizorro”, told about the true reason for his departure from the show. It turns out that after the history in Salekhard, where the crew was attacked, the groom presenter asked her to end his dangerous activities.

“Yura never did I not forbid, — has told to journalists Volatile. — Just one day said, “Think of what’s best for you in life the most important thing? I don’t want you to continue as it is now. I want you to take care of your health and your nerves.”

And TV presenter heeded the requests of her lover, because he, as no one knows what he is talking about. Education Yuri Anashenkov lawyer, according to some sources, he once worked in the Ministry of internal Affairs. When Volatile called on interrogation in Salekhard, he, knowing how hard it is experiencing a favorite that case, he dropped everything and went along with it.

However, it is from his “brainchild” Elena refused. Now Flying is the producer of “Revizorro”.

“Two and a half years we created the project, said Volatile 7days.ru. — We
did not just an entertaining and socially significant show. I’m not
I’m leaving, I’m moving on. “Revizorro” is my child. And I
not going to walk away. Now I’ll be the producer of the project. Moreover,
I invented a new format of the show, we are working on and which
viewers will be able to see this fall”.

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