Elena Volatile will help desperate women

Елена Летучая поможет отчаявшимся женщинам TV presenter Elena Volatile, which recently left the program “Revizorro”, will take over the show “Stroinski” on TV channel “Friday”. Strict blonde will teach you how to lose weight girls who are overweight.

      Елена Летучая поможет отчаявшимся женщинам

      This scandal turned the care of Helen Flying from the project “Revizorro” which the presenter was recognized by all country. Charming blonde left the show, but for what reasons it happened, not reported. Today, there was talk that the culprit not the alleged pregnancy of the stars of the screen and conflicts with the TV channel “Friday”, and the emergence of a new project that will involve Flying.

      It became known that Elena will now host a show about losing weight “Stroinski”. It is reported that participants of the project will be to drop extra pounds in a dispute over money. The participant who will be able to lose weight to record the number of kilograms will receive a cash prize. It is noteworthy that the very Volatile in this story will play a very important role – that she has to motivate participants to large feats, to follow the changes in shape each of them and sum up.

      According to a source from the TV channel “Friday”, the show will be able to participate girls from 18 to 35 years old, overweight and a great desire to let him go. Heroines of the project “Stroinski” will have to follow a strict diet, to abandon the “harmful food” and exercise. Casting and shooting will take place in Moscow.

      By the way, many suggested that the news about the launch of a new show featuring Helena Fly – no more than an April fool’s joke from the entertainment channel. At the same time, representatives of the “Friday” not to give a definite answer. “To give any serious comments April 1, is simply impossible. 5 April at the presentation we will dispel the weight of the rumors about “Revizorro”, and about other projects”, – told “StarHit” representatives of the TV channel.

      For anybody not a secret that Elena herself Flying looks great. TV presenter tries to eat right and exercise. In an interview, famous blonde shared secrets toned figure, stressing that tries to eat fruits, yogurt and other healthy food. In addition, the stars busy schedule does not allow her to relax.

      Recently fans of Fly negative about her departure from “Revizorro” and even the hashtag #verniciature. Probably the star was pleased with such attention from its fans.

      Elena is the program “Revizorro” now will lead a former member of the trio “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov. New host is not afraid that it will be compared with Bat. “I will be able to make this show something new. I have only a little time. I, by nature, are rather cute. But, at the same time, I can ruffle a few seconds, and I turn into an angry monster,” said Romanov in an interview.

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