Elena Volatile: “Olga Romanov would have problems.”

Елена Летучая: «Ольге Романовской придётся очень тяжело!»
The former host of “Revizorro” told about the difficulties that will face the new host of the project

Elena Volatile

Photo: Instagram

Elena Volatile’m tired of the rumors that proliferate on the Internet, about her work in the show “Revizorro”.

“Two and a half years we created the project, says Volatile. We did not just entertaining, and socially-meaningful show. I’m not going anywhere, I’m moving on. “Revizorro” — this is my baby, my baby. And I’m not going to quit. Now I’ll be the producer of the project. Moreover, I invented a new format of the show, we are working on and which viewers can see this fall”.

Volatile also commented on the emergence of “Revizorro” new host — Olga Romanovskaya.

“I didn’t see Olga as a host, says Volatile. — But I do know that it will be very hard. And in moral terms, so as to communicate with disgruntled restaurateurs and hoteliers, is very difficult. Once in Omsk I was doused with slops, and in Salekhard we do is under attack. But I’m always ready to lend her your shoulder, offer advice, shoulder to cry on and all they can. Also it will be difficult to win the love of the viewers, but we hope that they will soon get used to the change of leading. Especially because I will be back on screens this autumn in a new format of the project, and I’m not going anywhere from “Revizorro show”.

We will remind, now the transmission will maintain the ex-soloist of the popular group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov. Fans will likely remember her as Olga Koryagina is her maiden name.

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