Elena Volatile condemned outright the

Елену Летучую осудили за откровенный снимок
TV presenter has published a risky picture in underwear.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Helena Fly

Early in his career, Elena was extremely Volatile categorical configured on candid photography. But the time is now, gaining popularity thanks to the hard work in the program “Revizorro”, the presenter can afford to sometimes delight his fans with candid snapshots.

Recently Elena has shared a photograph, which appeared in semi-transparent lace underwear. In the comments under the star gathered a lot of fans who praised her for her stunning figure and intriguing way, and those who criticized Volatile for the decision to publish a photo of this nature. The fact that at the beginning of this year she began teaching journalism and in the opinion of the subscribers, the teacher should not make such pictures. Indeed, among her subscribers can be the students Flying.

Recall that the last few months Elena’s life was full of important events. In late summer she married her beloved Yuri Anashenkov. And some time later triumphantly returned to filming in the program “Revizorro”, where it first was replaced by Olga Romanov.