Elena Volatile and her stylist have accused each other of lying

Елена Летучая и ее стилист обвинили друг друга во лжи

The organization of the shooting process is quite complex and energy consuming. Especially if we are talking about the program not regional and all-Russian scale, which is “Revizorro”.

The favorite of millions presenter Helen Volatile, which actually produces the inspection of places of public catering, hotels, Inns and other things, became a party to the scandal from which she tried to go not very nice.

Elena swearing responded to the words of stylist Ivan John, what it is, they say, appropriates the things he takes on her name in stores, show-rooms, directly from the designers themselves.

“This man worked with me, took my clothes from designers and showrooms. I urge you not to give him clothes under my name. I do not advise as a specialist. Calls himself a stylist, but nothing to do. Regularly tore me shooting and has proved not from the best side”, — wrote the TV presenter on his page on Instagram, where she posted sharing a photo with the same Ivan.

In an interview with reporters Flying added: “John, you threaten someone? Lena Fly? You don’t ***? I’m such a reputation will make * * * that will not find it. Things are fundamentally will not give up, if you allow yourself such liberties. Go ***”.

Silent in this case, Ivan did not and told the press what was the beginning of the scandal: “I took things for two days in the boutique of a Russian brand for her to shoot. But before she fired me due to the fact that I couldn’t get to her in bodily pantyhose, which are now, in principle, not wear very well. In the end, these things have lingered on her a week, I called the store, asked to return, I tried to bring them to her assistant, but they didn’t answer. In the end, I wrote her a message that if they will not solve the issue with things, then I give them her personal phone and let her deal with it. In response, she sent me three letters and promised to ruin my reputation, and 10 minutes later there was a post in her instagram. The paradox is that almost immediately I got a call from the boutique and said that the problem with things resolved soon and they will have them.”

John added that act for the scheme, which accuses him Flying, he just couldn’t, because without her knowledge of the things he just did not give.

“I have worked with many people, among them were known, but such tyranny and rudeness I have not met”, — concluded the stylist.