Elena Velikanova: “Lost – began to freeze”

Елена Великанова: «Похудела – стала мерзнуть»

The actress of the series “Citizen One” has answered questions of readers “Antenna”.

What was most difficult in the filming of “Citizen One”? Do you have a favorite detective?
Елена Великанова: «Похудела – стала мерзнуть»

– I got the role of Mary Verzhbickiy – wife of the protagonist. The difficulty was that I stand in the way of Masha in the period when she is 18 to 40 years, and the main action takes place just 40 and I-30! As for the detectives, now I have two favorite TV series is “cheap horror”, there are amazing actors, the story, you will see the heroes of literary characters, revived in Victorian England. And the second series – “True detective”, watched it with great pleasure.

If you passed on the vocal ability from the famous cousin, singer Gelena Velikanova?
Елена Великанова: «Похудела – стала мерзнуть»

– Helena Marcelina is the grandmother of my stepfather, so of kinship we have. I studied at the musical-choral school “Pleasure”, as a child, played the piano in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatoire, the Tchaikovsky hall, in international competitions he won first place.

It is believed that every woman should know how to cook. Can boast of culinary skills?
Елена Великанова: «Похудела – стала мерзнуть»

– I have to feed the boys – six-year-old son Misha and her husband Oleg, so of course I cook and do it every day. I’m good schnitzel, I tasty fish and well cook soups.

Is it true that during pregnancy you gained 20 pounds?
Елена Великанова: «Похудела – стала мерзнуть»

Not 20 and 30. And do not hide it. It captures documented in first part of the movie “the contract”. But immediately after birth of the child has become more to follow the diet for a time completely gave up meat and lost a lot of weight, but that had other problems – began to freeze in the winter and ultimately quit being vegan. The main rule – do not overeat and limit yourself to flour. Lucky that I was not attracted to pastries and cakes. I do not like prefer sweet salty. Once a week a fish day and fasting on vegetables.

When and how did you meet your husband Oleg?

We first met when were still children, so at 14 or 15, a total of the company. Together, we went to the disco. Then many times intersect in a circle of childhood friends. One day a friend called me on New year, Oleg then phoned to congratulate. The turn to me. So we had our first phone conversation, and then something happened and the meeting. And here we are already ten years together.