Elena Valyushkina was brought to tears repairs in an old cottage

Елену Валюшкину довел до слез ремонт на старой даче The designers made the dreams of Actresses in reality. Star of the cult film “Formula of love” Elena Valyushkina received a gorgeous gift from the program “a Perfect repair”. A small room has turned into a luxury living room in English style. Seeing how everything is transformed, the actress burst into tears.
Елену Валюшкину довел до слез ремонт на старой даче

Actress Helen Valyushkina appealed to the “Perfect repair” to put in order the old room at the cottage. By the way, a house in the suburbs, as told by the actress, not her own. Elena Valyushkina quite a long time cottage rents, ever since her son Vasily, who for twenty years, doctors have advised to spend the summer not in the city and in the village. “The owner was a very kind woman and gave us the house for life rent,” – said Elena Valyushkina.

Star asked the program “a Perfect repair” converted into a summer house a small shed at their summer cottage. “Here we have this weird space – office, closet, Laundry, and guests receive nowhere,” complained Valyushkina.

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Елену Валюшкину довел до слез ремонт на старой даче

The premise, as noted by the designers, got the difficult, narrow elongated space, lack of natural light and air, versatility and a clutter require special attention and a competent construction. All deficiencies must be made into the benefits. The architects developed an original concept, deciding that the room will appear a living room, a dressing room and a bathroom. Old barn turned into a real cottage, allowing you to relax in comfort outdoors, to take a large number of guests to prepare meals and spend time admiring the spectacular scenery.

Елену Валюшкину довел до слез ремонт на старой даче

From the walls, removed the old paneling and replacing it with drywall. Box set new with shutters that open up and down, saving space. The house is completely replaced heating and sanitation, set pump unit. It allows you to make a bathroom that will work always. The house is sheathed facade panels. Outwardly they are indistinguishable from natural wood.

By the way, Elena Valyushkina could not resist, and a week ago I showed subscribers microblog began to look like the house from the outside after the repair.

The interior was decided to be made in the English style. The main stylistic direction is classic but with a subtle rigor of minimalism and practicality of the present.

Its main feature is a beautiful mural on one wall of his idea – it’s a London fog. There prevails a combination of gold, blue and soft pink light.

For decoration I chose several paintings. Curtains for Windows chose a creamy color for tulle is a transparent fabric with embroidery in the form of diamonds.

In the living room came the soft comfortable sofa, it is a warm blanket made from Merino wool. Next to him appeared a white bedside table. In the wall – niche for the fireplace. It creates a feeling of warmth and coziness. Light cream interior was decorated with abundance of flowers and exotic plants.

Елену Валюшкину довел до слез ремонт на старой даче

While in the house were working, landscape designers ennobled infield Elena Valyushkina. For him, Petunia and thuja. The plants were planted in stylish pots, which are equipped with automatic irrigation system. In combination with coniferous plants of petunias create a real fairy tale.

The mistress of the house came to the incredible enthusiasm from working professionals. Elena Valyushkina are unable to contain my emotions and burst into tears.


“It’s a miracle! I have never such gifts did not. All done beautifully, organically and carefully. It’s fantastic. You are so finely able me to feel!” – said Elena Valyushkina, barely holding back tears of joy.