Елена Валюшкина завела любовника на 20 лет младше себя The actress came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. She stated on a talk show that is Dating a man her sons are good.
Елена Валюшкина завела любовника на 20 лет младше себя

The movie star rarely talks about her personal life. Few people know that Helen several times almost died. Actress in a fatal accident were in a terrible accident, could not get pregnant, the doctors put Galuskinas the diagnosis of “infertility”. But contrary to doctors ‘ prognosis, she became the mother of two children, a son Basil and daughter Mary.

“The doctors said that I have absolute infertility. Four times to do IVF, it is now popular and fashionable, but my all attempts were unsuccessful. In the end, in desperation, I abandoned the procedure. And then somehow all of it just happened – I got pregnant,” – said Elena.

First, the actress and her husband Alexander Yatsko was born a boy Vasya. A few years later was born the daughter Masha.

“The son asked for a long time sister. But with the girl, of course, was a horrible pregnancy, have suffered a lot. Went to the nearest home from the hospital as soon as I heard that you’re expecting, the place to score yourself for childbirth. And doctors immediately began to fit me in for an abortion, saying that I can’t stand the fruit itself will die…” – remembered Valyushkina.

After the statements of physicians, the actress a few hours crying at home, but still decided to give birth. She went to another hospital, where doctors opredilili it in pathology.

“And I happily there spent seven months. I was allowed to go home only on weekends. Doctors have warned that if you go into labor, you need to come to the hospital within 15 minutes, otherwise it will not save. From Friday to Saturday I had a placental abruption… was clinically dead. Mary was born premature…” – shared the actress.

Doctors managed to save Elena, and her baby girl. Today, says the actress, she says the second pregnancy as a nightmare. Valyushkina noted that most were glad to see Masha in the light of eldest son John, he loves little sister. Despite the idyllic, Yelena’s husband, the famous actor Aleksandr Yatsko, began to change her. Soon the couple broke up, Valyushkina refused to tell me how you found out about the infidelity of a spouse.

“We did not create the illusion of a family because she was gone. Children interact with Alexander, he’s a good dad. Bob lives with him, is studying in architectural Institute. Sasha sometimes takes Masha after school. Ex-husband takes an active part in the life of the daughter and the son,” said Malyshkina.

The actress revealed the secret that she’s newly in love.

“Lord, I have a novel! I am a free woman, Yes, young and not developed. He met on the set, suddenly he realized he’s in trouble… His name is Eugene, he’s younger than me… 21 years. Why do I need the old one? He is very talented. I like these, by the way, all my men were gifted. I don’t like stupid,” said the celebrity.