Elena Valyushkina told how Mark Zakharov woke up the talent of the psychic

Елена Валюшкина рассказала, как у Марка Захарова проснулся талант экстрасенса
The famous Director was trying to cure actress.

Elena Valyushkina with Nodar Mgaloblishvili in the movie “Formula of love”


It happened on the set of the cult film “Formula of love”. Elena Valyushkina lucky that, at that time a graduate of the “Chips”, took on the role of Maria Ivanovna, which auditioned all the young Actresses in Moscow.

“Abdulov with Faraday the first day of shooting gave me the exam: set with two chairs and sat down, as in the cinema — said the actress. And meticulously watched as I play. Remember their poses examiners: foot to foot, arms crossed. And we started to shoot the final scenes where I’m running through the woods and sobbing, begging Alyosha and Cagliostro to stop the duel, “Stop, I love you!” From double to the double poses Sasha and Seeds changed: now they are both whole body leaned forward on persons of interest. Apparently, I passed the exam on a solid five”.

Then, during filming, and much Valyushkina Abdulov became friends. “There are people who are so focused on life that they day is not enough, this was Abdulov. Once he was away for about half an hour from the site and returned with the net. Says, “Who’s with me on night fishing?” And now the night is dark, we walk along a narrow trail to the river, stumbling in the potholes. Abdulov expertly throws a net and pulls… don’t remember how many fish we caught, but returned in the morning, bitten by mosquitoes. Particularly harmful mosquito bit me in the lower eyelid, and eyes swelled…”

It was a disaster because the day Valyushkina were shot close-up — riding a horse. And which, when swollen eyes? To remove the tumor failed, and then the Director surprised everyone.

“Mark Zakharov with despair tried to treat me using your own psychic abilities — says Malyshkina. And here I sit on a stump on a green lawn in a pink dress and hat tied with a ribbon under the chin, with one red eye, and mark A. runs around and makes passes with his hands. He tried very hard, he has a powerful energy, but the scene as a result and are not removed…”

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