Елена Валюшкина завела нового молодого любовника The movie and theatre actress spoke about how there was her relationship with the prospective Director. It turned out that Elena Valyushkina already spun a new novel. The chosen star loves to give her gifts and arrange a romantic travel.
Елена Валюшкина завела нового молодого любовника

In February, the 55-year-old Elena Valyushkina told Boris Korchevnikov about your man. The actress admitted to an affair with the Director. Future lovers meet on the set. “His name is Eugene, he’s younger than me… 21 years. Why do I need the old one? He is very talented. I like these, by the way, all my men were gifted. I don’t like stupid,” said Elena in the program “the Destiny of man”.

Recently revealed that Valyushkina broke up with a lover. However, Elena was not alone for long. The actress’s new novel, and a fan under it again. The star is also called the reasons why put a point in relations with the previous man.

“I have another. So we have been not together. When I’m not happy in the relationship I just parted, and all. We understand that different people. At first it was interesting, and then there was another man. Incidentally, he is also younger than me,” the actress told reporters.

Other details Elena chose not to declassify. The actress is in no hurry to introduce her man to the public, because she has good reasons. Beloved star doesn’t want to attract too much attention. Apparently, the elect and Galuskinas believes that happiness loves silence. He regularly indulges soulmate marks of attention and loves to organize romantic journey.

“My beloved has forbidden me to talk about myself. Time it wants to, then I don’t mind. He continually surprises me. Often, buy a plane ticket and we fly to beauty. I now only choose to make money and travel” – shared the actress.

However, something about his lover Elena still told. The star revealed what the nature of her men. As it turned out, Valyushkina subject throughout the second half. Talking about the future with a new lover, the actress said that it was not yet ready for the wedding.

“In the current relationship he commands. I have first time. It was all, but this has not happened. But I’m not going to get married. Twice already was: nothing good marriage is not! I now have other concerns: children, work. Recently release a collaborative performance with the Jurassic” – shared Elena Sobesednik.ru.

Naplink that behind Galuskinas two marriages. After graduation, the actress was married to the teacher, their relationship lasted for eleven years. Second husband of Helen was her colleague on the shop floor Alexander Yatsko. Star gave him two children – Basil and Mary. The artists broke up after living together for nearly twenty years.