Елена Валюшкина закрутила роман с иностранцем The actress met with a lover during a holiday in Brazil. According to star of the series “Mommy”, the man rescued her on the road as she headed to watch Sugar loaf mountain. The couple made the decision together to travel the world as the beloved Galuskinas refused to come to Russia because of the harsh climate.

      Елена Валюшкина закрутила роман с иностранцем

      The marriage of the actress and Director Alexander Yatsko collapsed two years ago. But the star of the film “kiss!” was briefly alone.

      “Last year, celebrated the birthday in Brazil – says “StarHit” Elena Valyushkina. – Rented a car to go see their famous Sugar loaf mountain. But the car stalled. Had to ask passing drivers for help. Stopped the car, got out a tall man. Said in English: “I’m Richard. Help you?” He called a tow truck. When they took my car, offered to bring me to the famous mountain…” Four days, the foreigner showed the actress the country.

      “Richard is a local architect, – Elena continues. – When it came time to leave, said, “we Continue the dialogue?” I agreed, invited him to the capital. But he joked: “you Have a cold!” Then agreed to meet in other countries. Will soon fly to the city of Machu Picchu. We constantly talk on the phone. The first time he didn’t know that I’m an actress. When admitted, a month did not go through…”

      A favorite topic of conversation Elena and Richard – journey. “Once he said: “You love useful gifts, and I give you the most unnecessary thing in the economy – an island in the Indian ocean”, – says Elena Valyushkina. – He inherited his grandfather’s second cousin. A gift I did not accept, but at the end of February will fly to watch him with his friend psychic Danis Glentana and Richard”.

      We will remind that at present on the STS channel is the series “Mom”, where Valyushkina played one of the roles. Besides, Elena is playing in productions of the Theater Mossovet.