Elena Valyushkina declared war on the neighbors

Елена Валюшкина объявила войну соседям
The actress flew abroad to rest from the prolonged scandal.

Елена Валюшкина объявила войну соседям

Evgeniy Sidikhin, Elena Valyushkina

Elena Valyushkina did not expect,
the decision to move into the village will be her “side.” The actress dreamed of a quiet
rural life, but her modern house in the German style called burning
the envy of its neighbors, which, moreover, considered it a plot
unoccupied for several years, his. For a short time in a conflict between two
families were drawn all the inhabitants of the village.

Fortunately, everything happens with
the star of “Uni” not in real life, and in the new series “Neighbors”, which
the company “Mostelefilm” shoots for the TV channel “Russia-1”.

The film, a teacher
music Olga Korableva, who plays Balushkina, persuades her husband —
retired pilot (Evgeny Sidikhin) to move to the countryside to take the wife
away from had his types of women, and thereby save the marriage.

“The plot is based on household
the conflict of two absolutely different social position of couples, —
says General producer Andrey Tartakov. — I think our
viewers to close this story, many of us have not once been in a similar
situations. The film’s genre is romantic Comedy. In addition to humor, there will be a lot of love lines: a novel children two
warring neighbors, jealousy of Olga Korableva to her husband, attempts of local
“beauty” Claudia equip
his personal life. This is a story about
people who love each other, even while at war. All
twisted love and the gamut of different feelings that accompany her”.

The shooting took place in Rostov
region and the suburbs. The matter was complicated by the fact that described in the story of the summer
the events were filmed in November. The shooting days were mostly cloudy and
the summer sun replaced light fixtures. It is in their rays and basking
the frozen actors. Immediately after the shooting Elena flew to get warm —
now the actress is vacationing in Thailand, which will celebrate its 55-year-old

“One time I for some reason didn’t like to celebrate your day
birthday — shared with 7days.ru Elena. — Then
I was told that I was doing everything wrong: birthday is the only
a big day in the life: you’re born! And in any case it is impossible to miss
not to mention it’s disrespectful, because someone’s life is selected, and someone not
dadena. It should be noted in the circle of friends, to gifts, to hear good good
words. In the last five years I have a tradition: on the actual day I
going out somewhere into the unknown. This year in Bangkok. I do it nicely: flew
beautiful airline, rented a fancy hotel and have a rest. And when you arrive —
celebrate with friends and neighbors. As a result, I get a few days
birthday in a row!”

Julia Aug, Elena Valyushkina, Evgeniy Sidikhin, Vladimir Timofeev