Elena Vaenga told about the incident in her life terrible trouble

Елена Ваенга рассказала о случившейся в её жизни страшной беде
The singer posted on social networks “the cry of the soul”.

Elena Vaenga

Elena Vaenga for a few days “disappeared” from social networks. Fans worried about the artist, knowing that it could happen some trouble. Unfortunately, they were right. Star chanson stated that in her life, an event occurred that forever changed her life. The singer shared his experiences, although he admitted that it can not access its details.

In microblogging Elena had a recording where she says that shocked some “trouble” happened to someone close to her people. “I can not tell, do not want and do not have the right, but the trouble (not from books and not from movies), and it is a terrible life, touched and shocked our friends and colleagues. The worst that can be imagined. The shock that “micro” has already changed our lives. And she will never be the same. I think I’ve aged 10 or 15 years. Everything goes…. life will seethe further and will delight and sadden. But those days are not forgotten,” writes Elena.

Elena added that was even more appreciative of time spent with your loved ones, because you can never predict where the trouble comes. “I wish you all not just good, mind, wisdom, education, compassion, humanity, not to be mean, selfish, and even if you do not love the whole world, at least those within a meter. Myself, I want it every day. Life is a miracle, but there are terrible days, pull out the heart and brain of the human body!” — finished your post Elena. Fans puzzled and frightened by the recognition of Vaenga and expect at least a hint of what could happen.