Elena Vaenga married in the Northern capital

Елена Ваенга вышла замуж в Северной столице
Registration of marriage took place in one of the oldest Salons of St. Petersburg.

Елена Ваенга вышла замуж в Северной столице

Elena Vaenga

Photo: Instagram

Елена Ваенга вышла замуж в Северной столице

Roman Sadyrbaev

Photo: Instagram

Elena Vaenga was married in St. Petersburg. The chosen star became a musician of her band
Roman Sadyrbaev. The marriage of Novel and Helena was held in the Palace
Marriage No. 2 in St. Petersburg.

This Elena told herself, placing
the pictures on the page in a social network.

For the big day the happy bride
chose dress designer Igor Gulyaev is a delicate and beautiful wedding dress
decorated with lace and a long veil. Showed Elena a picture of the groom that makes
extremely rare.

Wedding bands Elena and Roman — classical, with
interesting cuts, they are made of white gold.

The inscription on the box with a difficult jewelry
quote from the beloved works of the singer tales of Antoine de Saint-Exupery “the Little

“Here is my secret, it’s very simple: one sees clearly
only with the heart. The main thing is not see. Your rose is so dear to you because you gave her all his days. People have forgotten this
the truth , but do not forget: you are forever responsible for those who tamed. You
responsible for your rose”.

Edition 7days.ru congratulates
a star with this happy occasion and wishes happiness and health to her and her family.

Recall that Elena is getting married, it became known last night. The celebration was twofold-today Elena congratulated his grandma with 90-year anniversary.

Photo: Instagram