Елена Ваенга потеряла свою зарплату
Sad news, the singer shared with their fans.

Elena Vaenga

Elena Vaenga has shared the sad news. Singer
he told that he managed to lose his fee earned for the concerts. About
she told her fans on the social network page. “Headless,
propositiona big goof, — said to myself star. — Lost wages
live in peace”.

Fans immediately began to calm down a star. “Elena,
there is a very wise expression: “Thank God that he took the money!” “Helen,
will return much more than lost!” — they wrote.

It is worth noting that fans anxiously follow your favorite
star. This year began for the singer is not very good. So, about three weeks
ago Elena was forced to cancel concert dates when once again “fell ill” with
severe flu. “Today and the day after the concert. I Pray to God that
the Tallinn raised…” — wrote then Vaenga in his microblog.

Fortunately, now with health
singer all in order, and concerts are on the previously approved schedule.