Elena Vaenga grow tomatoes

Елена Ваенга выращивает помидоры
The singer, who has become a passionate ogorodnia, preparing for the summer season.

Елена Ваенга выращивает помидоры

Elena Vaenga

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Elena Vaenga will welcome the holiday season not with empty hands. The singer has already planted tomato plants. As is customary in the suburbs, while the green spaces beautify the window sill of a star. In the greenhouse the singer planted them in early may when the ground warms up.

It is known that the singer — an avid ogorodnia: she loves to Tinker in the ground and planted not only flowers, but fruit-bearing plants.
By the way, this was not always so. Lena said that when she was fourteen, she was arguing with her grandmother about what will not eat the strawberry, because it’s dirty, and she didn’t want to dirty my nails.

“It’s okay,’ said the Vaenga, all in good time. When you put something of their own — it is a psychological situation. You dig in the earth, and earth gives you its power. Unless the earth is not a sacred thing?”
The country singer’s four greenhouse where you can plant heat-loving vegetable crops, and the star grows potatoes, which provides your entire family.

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