Elena Vaenga complained of feeling unwell

Елена Ваенга пожаловалась на плохое самочувствие

Busy touring schedule of artists often leads to the depletion of both moral and physical. As a result, the body becomes more prone to different viruses. It is faced with this Elena Vaenga.

The singer, along with his team went on tour in Belarus, where it was struck a certain disease.

The reason for such assumptions was the photo that appeared the other day in the microblog artist.

The photo shows the hand of Helena the catheter. Apparently, the star decided to liven up the body a dose of vitamins.

To cancel the concert she flatly refused.

“Russian do not surrender. Don’t know how I’m going to sing, but mentally exactly, “said Elena.

We will remind, recently in poor health complained Irina Dubtsova, which has seasonal allergies manifested in a rather interesting way.


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