Elena Temnikova will select new participants “House-2”

Елена Темникова отберет новых участников «Дома-2» The artist published a post in Instagram, which answered the question why he decided to enter a team, which works on the longest and rating reality show in the history of the domestic media space.
Елена Темникова отберет новых участников «Дома-2»

Not so long ago in a Network there was talk about the fact that the popular singer Elena Temnikova will become one of the leading TV project “Dom-2”. Artist to this day has not commented on the new appointment, however, broke the silence and told fans that made come to the telestroke.

Елена Темникова отберет новых участников «Дома-2»“Sit in studios, homes, etc. on project no. This applies to any TV show. My good time I don’t have physically. I’m certainly not leading in the classic sense of the word. The most popular reality show of the country has its own format, daily shootings and their lovely leading. And I’m a singer with his schedule of life and lots of touring. So we decided and did something cool. Why did no one” – shared Temnikova

According to the singer, she will receive information support from the project and give the benefit of the audience. Elena gave some statistics: every tenth inhabitant of the country looks “Dom-2”.

“For the first time the popular show is conducting a nationwide casting of the project “Dom-2”, which will be held at venues nationwide tour “TEMNIKOVA 17/18″, the information partner is the TNT MUSIC. In the cities concerts of my tour on the site you can find the press wall of the TV show and the casting Director, and then one of the participants of the TV show! Leave your request and pass the audition. For anyone wanting to get on a TV show has become easier than ever. And judging by wanting very much. Therefore, if music and love can make someone happy is a thrill. On the website of the TV show you can win a limited number of special awards tickets in all cities of the tour. Follow the news on the website! I hope now everything is clear,” explained Elena fans.

This is not the first case when pop stars decide to join the team of a reality show. We will remind, in the spring of one of the posts of “House-2” was taken by another singer Olga Orlova. The actress admitted that she is very comfortable working in a team and to interact with the participants. The former soloist of group “Brilliant” for some time did not advertise its purpose.

“I hid from everyone until recently. Many of my friends still do not know. It was necessary to keep the intrigue. Now you begin to recognize all participants. Sure, quickly enter into the swing of things. In fact, for me, a new experience, a new twist. I am in a great mood. My son Artem supported me, he’s welcome any changes in my life,” said the singer “StarHit”. Orlova told fans that the project has enormous experience and increases its popularity.