Elena Temnikova was told about the plastic surgery of the lips

Елена Темникова рассказала про пластику губ
The singer explained, making her smile sexy.

Photo: Instagram

Elena Temnikova regularly suspect in numerous reconstructive surgeries. But most of all she was “credited” lip enhancement. Supposedly during the “American idol” or the work of the singer in the band “SEREBRO” her lips were not as plump and sexy.

“No, I didn’t do anything with the lips! — says the star. — I know how to enlarge them with makeup.”

Several cunning techniques Helen taught her famous star makeup artist Yury Stolyarov. Lips Temnikova never been thin and certainly not like a “thread”, so to give them a plumpness with makeup — it is quite simple.

Temnikova often shares beauty secrets with your followers on Instagram, so the most suspicious and careful of them it is easy to wait for the next lesson and to see how the singer does it.

But modern treatments for face Elena says his decisive “Yes.”

“This summer I made my first of treatments nosogubnye folds and biorevitalization, — said the singer. — I was always proud of the fact that the lips are not pumped, did not use Botox or fillers. All my own. And I will insist that all specified nature is always better!”