Elena Temnikova spoke about the fight against a terrible disease

Елена Темникова рассказала о борьбе со страшным заболеванием
The singer first spoke about how her family beat cancer.

Elena Temnikova

Photo: @Instagram lenatemnikovaofficial Elena Temnikova

Elena Temnikova has surprised fans with its recent recognition. The singer and her family, as it turned out, last year was able to defeat this terrible disease — cancer. Temnikova first told about it in conversation with the patient of the cancer center. The day before she posted a photo of a cancer patient guy — Nikita, which is now required for the treatment of any material help.

Elena personally wrote to the young man words of support. “In 2016, our family beat cancer. Serious stage. I didn’t tell anyone. You write. You can do this. Believe. Write us often. Don’t be a stranger. You’re a fighter!” — she wrote.

However no details about who in her family has suffered from one of the most common diseases of the XXI century Elena did not disclose. Said Temnikova greatly upset her fans. After all, none of them guessed that a year she hides a terrible secret.

Meanwhile, recently it became known that the former soloist of the group SEREBRO will be possible to represent Russia at “Eurovision-2017”. The leadership of the First channel will soon have to choose a contractor who will go to the international singing competition. For the right to participate in “Eurovision” has also Daria Antonyuk, Alexander Panayotov, Jane SOPRANO Turetsky.