Елена Темникова рассказала о зависти бывших коллег из группы SEREBRO The actress gave a Frank interview to the Kazakhstani program “The ether”. Temnikova decided to tell in detail, what its facilities are tormented in the days when she sang in the women’s team SEREBRO. Elena also explained why he decided to “redeem” themselves from the group.
Елена Темникова рассказала о зависти бывших коллег из группы SEREBRO

Elena Temnikova was one of the first member of the group SEREBRO. The actress left the band a few years ago and started a solo career.

Temnikova said that the image, created by Maxim Fadeev for all member of the group, was for her unbearable. Candid stage outfits, according to Elena, only caused irritation, and it is by all means trying to escape from sexuality.

“I had a talk with the producer… It was my personal systems, I usually brought up, always ashamed of my body. It was difficult for me to wear something above the knees, I felt uncomfortable in the neckline. I understand what people think about us. Although it was just the way! But to me it was not easy. Frankly: I asked me to cover, but the sexuality… It still works. I have no producer. I have closed suits, and I feel comfortable,” shared Temnikova.

Elena said that now, by choosing the images for the scene. According to the singer, only in social networks it allows itself to publish the pictures in bathing suits.

“I need all closed was so I could relax. I like many songs SEREBRO. But we are very different, occupy different niches. Spectators and fans are still at all enough” – said Temnikova.

Elena told me that not maintains relationships with former colleagues from the group. The artist remembered the unpleasant incident once met with the participants of the band SEREBRO.

“We recently crossed paths at the Olympic stadium, and crossed so that there was no one. I said Hello, smiled, with all my heart… Like a fool! And in response to this reaction: “FR-R-R”, – said the singer.

Temnikova also remembered that I had warned about the care of the participants and creators of the group for the half year. However, she said, relations between her and other girls to spoil all the stronger. So Elena decided to pay a penalty – in order to quickly leave the team. In sum, according to the artist, had six zeros.

“And then I redeem. All good, but I don’t know why such a reaction. Someone says that I’m super successful… I didn’t want to be in the group, we have a tense relationship, although early, from year to year, we were once close friends. Don’t want to dirty their huts stand, we knew everything. Better to leave,” admitted Elena.

Temnikova shared that often her and the other girls from the group of the public is called “singing panties”. According to Elena, she did not think so – on the contrary, tried to beat the imposed image.

“It was the behavior that we were expecting. I mocked this on stage. I understood only very smart people. I was so scared to be honest. So I was acting asexual,” said Elena.