Elena Temnikova officially introduced her husband to the public

Елена Темникова официально представила мужа публике The singer and her husband visited the Russian national music award, which took place on 7 December in the Kremlin Palace. They invited many stars of show business. Chosen artist for a long time storonevychi public attention for the first time posed with Elena.

      Елена Темникова официально представила мужа публике

      Singer Elena Temnikova happily married with businessman Dmitry Sergeev. The chosen star eschews publicity and prefers not to give interviews. Until recently, he had not posed for the photographers in every way and sheltered from the cameras and avoided journalists. Elena herself is also preferred not to attract undue attention to her husband, trying not to put pictures of his face on social networks. And one of the recent social events and a couple even passed the red carpet, to immediately go to the table.

      However, on Wednesday the actress and her husband decided to make an exception. It happened on the Russian national music award, held in the Kremlin Palace. They invited many celebrities, including Philip Kirkorov, Ani Lorak, Kristina Orbakaite, Valery with Joseph Prigozhin, Nikolay Baskov, Lev Leshchenko, Anita Tsoy, and Elena Temnikova. The ex-soloist of the group SEREBRO made her husband Dmitry Sergeyev. The pair happily posed for photographers. Temnikova was smiling broadly while her husband was a little reserved. Apparently, the businessman is not yet accustomed to the pictures on the red carpet.

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      Recall that the wedding of Elena Temnikova and Dmitry Sergeyev took place in 2014. Then they staged a celebration in the Maldives. The decision about the ceremony, the lovebirds took spontaneously and going on a trip for a few minutes. Except for Elena and Dmitry, the event was attended by the waiters, photographer and cook. Later Temnikova announced that it intends to legitimize the relationship with your loved in one of capital registry offices.

      In March last year she gave wife a charming girl called Alexandra. In his microblog Temnikova often shares funny commercials featuring the little girl and asks the followers of the Council on issues related to the education of children. In an interview, the actress admitted that Alexander is very similar to it. In addition, Elena has told that would like three children. Following the completion of the family Temnikova plans a couple of years. In recognition of Elena, at first she would like to devote myself entirely to Alexander.