Елена Темникова оставила дочь без волос The singer shaved bald year-old Alexander. Temnikova did not specify why he decided on such a courageous step because of the summer heat or to improve hair growth baby. Fans of the actress are arguing about whether it was necessary to resort to such a radical surgery.

      Елена Темникова оставила дочь без волос

      Daughter singer Elena Alexandra Temnikova now a little more than one year. Recently, the actress is shaved bald and heiress published a picture of the new hairstyle of her child on Instagram. “My angel. Did a little manscaping” — this signature has added a celebrity to their picture.

      By the way, there is the view that the shaving of hair on the head contributes to their growth, and to increase the number of hair follicles. It is unknown whether Elena this point of view, or a star just decided to trimming Alexander in anticipation of warming in Moscow.

      The bald baby cried intense discussion among the fans of Temnikova. Many of them said that the celebrity absolutely did the right thing, while others have written that shaving does not affect hair density. And the third noticed that Alexander was an exact copy of her famous mother. “Why to shave? Never gonna get it”, “Pretty like”, “Son hasn’t shaved, and he grew this hair to the year, and now — even more so, “Lena, we our doll shaved in a year, hair since then, growing very well. Although I am terribly afraid,” “Very similar”, “the Hair will be like it was with mom and dad — even to Bray, not Bray though,” wrote the subscribers of the blog Helen in the comments to the publication.

      Елена Темникова оставила дочь без волос

      We will remind that Elena Temnikova for the first time became a mother in March last year. The heiress star and her husband, businessman Dmitry was born healthy, the delivery was without complications. As he said then Elena, the birthday girl has become the happiest day of her life. Almost a month since this event, the singer kept the name of the child secret, but then admitted that he called my daughter Alexandra. Specifically to extract Temnikova from the hospital her husband himself had decorated the whole house with balloons and flowers.

      According to Elena, after the birth of Alexandra Dimitri opened for not. In interviews, the actress told that her husband is ready for the successor to all and regularly spoils the girl. She Temnikova in this sense, stricter and tries to convince her husband that it is not necessary to buy too many baby things. Besides he constantly takes care of the child, feeds and clothes him, and also changing the diaper.

      Lena Temnikova amazed by the attitude of the spouse to her daughter

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