Elena Temnikova is very afraid for her daughter

Елена Темникова очень боится за дочь The singer was allowed to play with the dog only months later. Elena Temnikova is afraid of possible germs from contact with animals. In order to dispel fears, she turned to the fans.

      A year ago, popular singer Elena Temnikova gave birth to a daughter. Since then, the life of the actress has changed dramatically. The young mother all the time tries to spend a little Sasha. For the former soloist of girl group SEREBRO this is the first child. That is why Elena is very experienced in all things concerning the upbringing and care of a one year old baby. If she has doubts, she turns for help to his loyal fans. From experienced moms the singer is trying to see if it is done correctly.

      Now Temnikova decided to let one-year-old Sasha to play a bit with the dog. However, this cost her enormous effort. Temnikova admitted that he is very afraid for her daughter and fears that communicating with animals will hurt her.

      “The first contact of our girls, – said Elena in the microblog. – Divide the dried fruit. Misha is a member of the family, but we don’t allow her to come to Sasha. Worried. Sasha pulls into his mouth, and Misha is all ready to lick. Worried about possible germs. Maybe I worry too much? How are you?”

      Published video Elena Temnikova Temnikova (@lenatemnikovaofficial) Mar 4 2016 17:04 PDT

      On the question of the artist one after another began to come the answers. Many supported her and assured that the child’s relationship with the animal will benefit. “Dogs have the cleanest saliva! And if you know that your dog is vaccinated and you have no sores, so bad you can not worry. In life many things that can survive, but so life goes. Enjoy your life”, “the dogs harmless saliva, she’s home. According to statistics, kids who have Pets, less sick, since the immune system becomes stronger, and sterelny home, then the child more difficult to get over the infection,” expressed his opinion some fans.

      And the other part of the fans was more categorical and did not support the rapture, which is causing many babies contact with Pets. “My opinion – also the child and dog together to leave. The child touches the dog and then pulls the fingers into his mouth. And the dog too, ready to lick anything and everything”, “that’s Right, Lena, do. Pet is very good for children. But health is more expensive. Moreover, in children the immune system weak,” he cautioned fans.

      I must say that last summer, when Helen decided to find for their children the nanny, she also appealed to his fans to help sort out this difficult issue. She wondered what criteria is best to choose a teacher for your child and what to look for when considering candidates.

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