Елена Темникова протянула руку помощи Ольге Бузовой The fans of the stars discuss the review of the ex-soloist SEREBRO, where she allegedly spoke about the cooperation with aspiring performer, occupying the first lines of the charts. Allegedly, Elena Temnikova sang backing vocals Olga Buzova.
Елена Темникова протянула руку помощи Ольге Бузовой

Despite the fact that Olga Buzova not received the award EN TV in the category “Best start”, it still remains one of the most popular novice performers. Songs stars in record time occupy the first position in the charts, and her music videos gaining millions of views on YouTube. Many are wondering, what is the secret of success Olga. It is known that celebrity helps her friend Elena Temnikova.

Olga Buzova in samurai armour made a splash on the red carpet

Recently, the Network has a screenshot of the comment eks-the soloist SEREBRO, in which she told about working with Olga Buzova. Allegedly, Elena not only helped his friend with the songs, but played in her backing vocals. If you believe the publications, which have spread on the Internet, then Elena had supported Olga absolutely for free.

“Part of the chorus I sang. It’s no secret. Not hidden even. Why guess? For friendship and for love nor money – don’t tell me the money for the vocals, guys… this Song too, I Ola brought to the word. I didn’t sing (and not planned), never. But she was mine. Like several other future Oli, you will hear in the future” – this comment Temnikova was allegedly left in social networks.

Many fans of Temnikovo found that in the chorus of the song “Used” is the voice that is very much similar in tone to her vocals. They suggested that it is in the comments, which allegedly is Elena, talking about this track.

At the same time, other users of social media put forward the version that the screenshot is replicated in multiple groups, is a fake. They were looking for review Helena about the work of colleagues in her microblog, and found him. Therefore, they urged fans Buzova not believe the alleged statement of Temnikova. However, there were those who claimed that he had seen with his own eyes.

We also add that Olga Buzova is going to perform solo concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The long-awaited celebrity performance will take place in November this year. Olga admits that he plans to surprise his many fans. It is known that the artist is preparing the former team of Grigory Leps, so it promises to be very entertaining and ambitious. At the moment Olga also plunged into work on new songs and promises to record their debut album. Fans rejoice at the achievements of the stars and excited for the release of her first album. Olga Buzova: “when you come to an empty apartment, I think: “Lord, so will your whole life?”