Елена Темникова прокомментировала пластическую операцию
The singer frankly told about the procedure to increase the lips.

Elena Temnikova

Photo: @Instagram lenatemnikovaofficial Elena Temnikova

Recently, the Network appeared rumors that Elena Temnikova increased the lips with fillers. The day before the singer finally made a Frank statement about how it relates to plastic surgery and how soon she will decide to change themselves. Artist assured that never, in the pursuit of beauty, did not use the services of surgeons. Moreover, even the existence of simple injections for the face with vitamins Elena found out only recently.

“Today I made my first of treatments nosogubnye folds and biorevitalization. I was always proud of the fact that the lips are not pumped, did not use Botox or fillers. All my own. And I will insist that all specified nature is always better! On lips I the main enemy of such things and not become their “pump”. Because most often it is ugly, — says Elena. But I do not blame anyone. Each decides how he’s better.

Doing this post for those who read a lot of reviews on the topic “what did she do to herself”. Now you know that. Recipe for beauty — glowing eyes. In love. The ability to be happy. And in a good competent beautician who will take care of your skin!” By the way, the effect of increased lip Temnikova, as it turned out, creates with makeup. Soon the singer might reveal your secret technique.