Елена Темникова подарила дочке незабываемый отдых
According to the singer, Sasha waited a long time for their mom leave.

Елена Темникова подарила дочке незабываемый отдых

Elena Temnikova with her daughter

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Elena Temnikova flew to rest with her daughter Sasha in Turkey. “My fish is very
waited for this vacation,” smiles the singer. Three-year-old girl bathes in the sea,
rides with slides and swims in the pool, and the singer is happy to share
details family holiday with subscribers personal microblog. This year
the first journey Sasha. For the Helena holiday on the Mediterranean coast became
for the second year. First — in February — she has spent away from daughter, fly with
husband to the Maldives. Then it was decided that mom and dad need to go to
a romantic journey.

the artist spends all the time with the child: the girl just
happy. Temnikova in no way restricts the baby, any
suitable for her age entertainment and food. The ban only applies to
sweet. Temnikova was of the opinion that sugar hurts the child
body, so Sasha is in your three years haven’t tried no candy, no

“Standards for
children: up to 10 Gy. of sugar per 100g. product, says Elena.
In General, knowing this figure can not be afraid of fruit yogurts or natural yogurt
of the stores. Usually there is a quantity of sugar to conform to these recommendations
(read labels). Sasha I’ve got a classic children’s cottage cheese, there is generally no
sugar. Sometimes I take her with added fruit, where to 6.3 gr. sugar
100 gr. product, that is significantly below the permitted norms. Almost always, Sasha
requests for additional serving. But it’s not terrible. I hope so.”

Elena hopes
stick to this diet of the child as long as you can. When
this Temnikova recognizes that Sasha entered the age when all children
starting to get interested in sweets, desserts and other not very useful