Elena Temnikova decided on a radical change of image

Елена Темникова решилась на кардинальную смену имиджа
Singer unrecognizable in the image of the blonde.

Elena Temnikova

Photo: @Instagram lenatemnikovaofficial Elena Temnikova

Elena Temnikova is in constant search of new images or parts of image. She often experimented with my hair: braids braids, takes the stage with four of a kind, and the next day, with curls below the waist. Now, the actress tried to change the color of the hair. In his microblog she showed what it looks like in the image of a platinum blonde.

Dramatic changes in the way Temnikova liking of her fans, who share rave reviews in the comments. “The girl from outer space. Had no idea it would be so cool with blonde”, “Brilliant. How is the color white. Fire!”, “Something similar to Alain Shishkov and Scarlett Johansson”, “is not Herself! The other person just!”, “How beautiful! It is necessary to leave this color and hairstyle,” — wrote Elena.

By the way, those who liked the image change Temnikova, can not worry: the artist wearing a wig, so if you want, she can remove it at any time and return to the old way.

Fans also note that in the style of a 33-year-old Elena has almost nothing left from the image created over the years of cooperation with Maxim Fadeev. Speaking in the group SEREBRO, which Temnikova scandal left in 2014, the singer appeared on stage in a radically different image.