Елену Темникову осудили за обнаженный живот Artist Elena Temnikova appeared in a daring outfit on the air and became a victim of haters. Internet users, did not mince words, criticized the appearance of the singer.

Slacks, jacket oversize, ultra-short top that opens flat athletic stomach, in this form, Temnikova came to the Studio of the First channel, to sing in the program “Evening Urgant”. And of course, like many celebrities, Lena took a photo with the leading – in memory. This image has caused a wave of indignation on the part of Internet users – both on the page of the program and in the personal account of the singer.

“So now dress up on national TV?!”, – outraged one. “Who dressed her?”, – wrote others. “Why not dress up so that was nice to look at?”, – asked the third. “The midsection, of course, but not on the First channel like this?!”.

Temnikova said, adding that she’s her own stylist. For this, the singer released a separate Instagram post.

“That’s… paw is So small, and the leg – size 39. Did not lose his pants. Stuck in the 90s. No, stuck in a “zero”… my Lovelies, and during the performance I Mike rose. Shame on you. I’m a mother…” – ironically written by the singer.

In fairness, we note that many members responded positively to suit the Lena river, noted for her shapely figure and stood up for the actress.

note that Lena Temnikova always dressed boldly, sometimes even provocative, not just shocking the audience with their revealing outfits. Particularly striking was her images while working in the band SEREBRO. Now Lena plays solo. However, even after marriage and the birth of her daughter she does not hide her figure, and wears tight, and often supermini.