Elena Temnikova became the new leading “House-2”

Елена Темникова стала новой ведущей «Дома-2»
This news stunned fans of the singer.

Photo: Instagram

The leadership of the popular reality show “Dom-2” has decided to recruit another new host. It will be the singer Elena Temnikova. However, it is not yet will transmit along with Ksenia Borodina, Olga Buzova, or even Olga Orlova. In parallel with their own tour Temnikova will search for new participants of the show in different cities of Russia.

This information portal was confirmed by the Super producer of the project “Dom-2” Alexey Mihajlovsky. Apparently, it has now created a reality show slowly looking to replace Olga Buzova, which is too much time began to focus on her career in music and show business.

Temnikova Elena herself has not commented on the news, but her fans are already actively resent in social networks. “Why would she need to participate in It?” they wonder.

Six months ago, by the way, exactly the same reaction have been fans of Olga Orlova, which has received the offer to become the leading “House-2”. And now they have become accustomed and strongly supported the work of the singer on the project.