Elena Temnikova almost lost her daughter during childbirth

Елена Темникова едва не потеряла дочь во время родов The singer decided to unveil the unknown facts from his life. In a newspaper column for the online edition Elena Temnikova raised a very important topic. The star candidly spoke about the difficulties she faced with the birth of Aleksandra.

Singer Elena Temnikova rarely shares details of his personal life. Star tries to protect her from unnecessary attention, but recently she made an exception and started talking about what she went through after the birth of a daughter.

In March 2015, Elena gave her husband Dmitry Sergeyev Alexander charming. Temnikovo the birth took place in one of the Moscow medical institutions. The little girl was born weighing 3500 grams and growth of 53 centimetres. A month after the happy event, the singer has already returned to work, and then released, appearing at the premiere of the Comedy “One left”.

As it turned out, the birth of the daughter of Temnikova was accompanied by some difficulties. For a long time Elena was afraid to broach the subject in an interview. The star explained why not talked about the problems that have arisen with the appearance of Alexandra at the light.

“When I gave birth to my daughter, the doctor almost hesitated and lost her. I never said this, because the first time through, even did not understand it”, – told Elena in his column for the online edition.

Elena Temnikova and shared unknown facts about yourself. In recognition of the actress, she still feels very strongly about it before concerts. To make the performance went well, Elena needs to properly adjust. The star admitted that performs certain important rituals for her. Only after that the celebrity feels the strength to go on stage.

According to Elena, she’s not always confident. The actress admitted that she has enough complexes. Temnikova no secret of his dissatisfaction with their appearance and certain habits. However, the star has learned to accept his own shortcomings called for in the fans.

In addition, the singer explained why she prefers to wear robes in real life. “Where’s sexy dresses, neckline?! Despite the fact that such clothing I do go, I never wear and won’t wear it because you feel in these dresses vulnerable and uncomfortable,” quotes Elena “Hello!”magazine.

Recall that after leaving the group Temnikova SEREBRO was one of the most sought after young singers. According to rumors, the star is working together with her husband Dmitry Sergeev. Not so long ago in mass media there was information that the husband of Elena accompanies her on tour as a producer. Elena’s husband Temnikova earns her tour