Елена Степунина спасает 20-летнюю онкобольную девушку The star of “House-2”, achieved remission, and help other people diagnosed with cancer. Stepunina she is now at home, as all her chemotherapy is finished. She asked followers to support her friend, who needs funds for treatment.
Елена Степунина спасает 20-летнюю онкобольную девушку

Some time ago Elena Stepunina completed a course of radiation therapy. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” fighting with large-cell carcinoma and lymphoma. Since the tumor the woman have not operably located between the lungs and the heart, it can only help medication. She is now at home and periodically tells followers about your condition. Besides, Elena tries to help others with cancer.

In a recent post she asked to financially support a 20-year-old girl from Yekaterinburg. Anna Stolyarovsky was diagnosed with primary mediastinal large b-cell lymphoma. The disease occurs mainly locally advanced growth pattern within the anterior upper mediastinum with frequent involvement of the chest. When these disease patients undergoing immunochemotherapy followed by radiation of residual tumor in the mediastinum. According to Stepunina the doctors wrong to treat Anna.

“Anya – my oscodrug! From the beginning of her treatment. Unfortunately, her city ruko***Pye doctors. Anya was nearly killed, and she needs to go to Peter to the normal doctors. And it is very expensive. Please help Ana. Unfortunately, the costs were very large, and they’re right! We would be grateful for any help!”- wrote Elena.
Елена Степунина спасает 20-летнюю онкобольную девушку

The review Anya explained that the treatment was in the wrong scheme. “With the huge delays between courses instead of 21 days reached 40 almost, did washing, did not put leukostim, and after no positive results didn’t change the scheme,” said the girl.

In a post on the personal page Stolyarovsky gave to understand that now her health will be to engage the doctors from St. Petersburg. “In connection with the costs of tests, medications, flights and accommodation for the visit Peter. Unfortunately, the costs were very large and my husband and I can not cope! We would be grateful for any help! Many thanks to all who will not remain indifferent!”wrote a friend of Stepunina.

More than a year, Anna is happily married with her husband Maxim. The couple married in August 2016. The husband supports the girl and gives her a pleasant surprise that she did not give up. “Love gives us strength to fight for life, to deal with such a terrible diagnosis like mine,” says Stolyarevska.