Elena Sparrow was not allowed on the territory of Ukraine

Елену Воробей не пустили на территорию Украины

The actress and comedienne Helen Sparrow was detained in the Ukrainian airport Borispol. In Kiev she had to go on stage “October Palace”, to debut in the play “the Jackpot with home delivery”, but the border service disrupted touring artist and left the Ukrainian public is not a Comedy.

That on the territory of Ukraine for her entry, said Elena herself, comparing the Russian-Ukrainian relationship with the Berlin wall.
“Sitting in the airport in Kiev. Unpleasant story. Don’t let me in. Very sorry for the people of Kiev, the spectators, who bought tickets and wanted to watch a nice Comedy. The law about who may enter the Ukraine, and who is not, it reminds me of the infamous Berlin wall and the Palestinian-Israeli relations,” wrote Sparrow in the social network.
In order not to deprive the spectators with a good mood, instead of the four artists appeared on the stage three. The improvisation was successful, despite the fact that each of the actors, alternating, played the role of the heroine Sparrow and forgot words. Some viewers, however, left the room during the first act, but those who made it to the end, gave the artists a standing ovation.
Today, April 3, the same performance will play in Odessa, and again without Elena Sparrow. Community activists have threatened to “heat to meet Russian actress”, if that still skip across the border.
Recall that the Ukrainian side is taking this year’s international music contest “Eurovision”, refused entry to the territory of the contestant from Russian Federation Julia Samoylova. The reason for the refusal was the prohibition of entry into the country for a period of three years because of the performances of the singer-disabled in the annexed Crimea in 2015. The organizers of the contest promised to accept any decision of the Ukrainian authorities, given the complex political situation between the two neighboring countries, although I expect that they will change their decision as an exception. Kiev accuses the neighboring country to deliberate provocations and offers of Russia to choose another, “clean” candidate.