Elena Sparrow told about the horrors of “beauty shots”

Елена Воробей рассказала об ужасах «уколов красоты» The artist remembered a bad experience. Elena Sparrow admitted that appealed to the beautician to look fresh. But instead of rejuvenating paradisica found traces of injections, in which the accumulated liquid.

On the fifth of June the honoured artist of Russia Elena Sparrow celebrated his birthday – she turned 50 years old. In spite of that that celebrities always try to keep in shape and have resorted to various tricks to save the youth, paradisde speaks openly about the age and not shy about their appearance. The pop star admits that he once tried to resort to modern cosmetics, the skin looked smooth and radiant. However, the experience proved unsuccessful.

“Once I tried hyaluronic acid injections and regret it. I did not have anesthesia, so it was very painful, and from the shots of the traces: there has accumulated in the liquid because of what I looked like I dropped into an anthill. It was necessary to hold five sessions, and I passed only two. In addition, after each procedure need a few days to recover — for me it is a luxury,” said the Sparrow.

The artist believes that she has good genes – she admires the father who looks great. In her opinion, nobody knows how old he is. Elena admits that not seek by all means to prove to others your youth and endure for the sake of desired appearance severe pain. However, it is not against the intervention of specialists.

“But for all the modern achievements of cosmetology and plastic surgery, I am loyal. Silly in 65 years look like a girl, and to tell everyone that applied to the person cucumbers. It is important that people correctly and thoughtfully chose doctors and weigh all the “pros” and “cons”. If after the plastic people will feel more confident and ready for this to be resolved, why not,” said the celebrity.

Paradisica adhere to a healthy lifestyle. However, she admits that she can’t relate themselves to the staunch and disciplined athletes. Sparrow did not hide the fact that it is not always diet – sometimes she can afford to eat for the night. Also the actress with the pleasure of enjoying delicious food at banquets and tours.

However, Elena is not upset if gaining weight is to get rid of it, it helps a special diet. “Eat foods mostly just green — they are a negative calorie — and in a week drop a few kilograms,” revealed the actress in an interview with journalists WomanHit.