Елена Воробей впервые заговорила о гибели отца своей дочери Lover of Paradiski died in April of this year. Elena Sparrow long nine months of hoping that her beloved man recovers from serious injuries. But the miracle did not happen. The star admitted that she is very difficult to speak about the tragedy, after only six months.

      Елена Воробей впервые заговорила о гибели отца своей дочери

      Known paradisica Elena Sparrow was the guest of the next edition of “the Secret of the million” TV channel NTV and its leading Lera Kudryavtseva. The format of the show envisages that his characters are willing to be as Frank and to talk on the most intimate and emotionally difficult for them.

      Elena Sparrow admitted that this year has been incredibly difficult. In April there was her beloved, the father of 13-year-old daughter of the actress Sonia. A businessman named Igor, with whom the star did not advertise, because he was married, died after a serious injury.

      Елена Воробей впервые заговорила о гибели отца своей дочери“I don’t love to celebrate your birthday, – confessed Elena Sparrow. – When it comes to June 5, something happens. A year ago in June my sister had to give birth. A month before the birth, she calls me and says that her husband suspected cancer. I can’t find a place for himself – why, what for? Mobilizes, calm sister, find the best doctors. This ad lasts for a month and a half. The diagnosis was not confirmed. The respite was short lived. After some time I got a call from Peter and was told that my daughter’s father in a coma. A fracture of the skull base. Lera, you know, there was no piece of the head…”

      As it turned out, the beloved Elena Sparrow received a severe injury when reaching to clean the stormwater drainage. Igor grabbed hold of the tiles that were not fixed and fell down.

      For the artist began a new black page in the struggle for life. “I raised all my connections – continues the Sparrow. – Igor was given a chamber, a special mattress, which provides blood circulation. He opened his eyes, he began to move his hands. We did not understand, he hears us or not, but I talked to him. Told me that his waiting daughter, sons. This struggle for life lasted for nine months, but we lost.”

      Elena Sparrow admitted that he was very proud and was ready to accept that she has to share him with another woman. The artist didn’t hurt that beloved asked her after the divorce from his first wife. Not he called her to the registry office and when she told him that she was pregnant.

      Елена Воробей впервые заговорила о гибели отца своей дочери“He took the daughter refused, but Sonia is my name, – toldelena. I told Igor that they were going to issue the birth certificate of his daughter, he said, “Okay”, but he was in another city. In the column “father” at Sony says: “Igor Konstantinovich, according to mother.”

      Some time after the birth of her daughter beloved Elena Sparrow married a normal woman Luba. Sonia he visited once a year on the day of her birth. He did not pay the alimony on its maintenance, but the Sparrow gratefully recalls how he has bought her daughter an apartment in Moscow. By the way, to claim the inheritance of the deceased beloved, the actress did not.