Елена Воробей показала подросшую красавицу-дочь The sole heir of the actress in this year will be fourteen years old. A touching family snapshot with daughter Sonia Elena Sparrow shared in the microblog. Fans found that the girl was incredibly good and the character resembles the actress Aglaia Shilovskaya.

      Known paradisica Elena Sparrow indulges his fans with news about his personal life and prefers seldom show pictures of 13-year-old daughter Sonia on Twitter. But during the Christmas holidays the star made an exception by posting full of incredible tenderness alone with the heiress. Wedding, the mother and daughter clung to each other. It is seen that Elena Sparrow and Sony a very sincere and close relationship.

      The actress, who, as we know, raising a daughter alone since she was born, doted in his younger girl. “Our family new year’s eve was bright and cheerful. That’s what grown-my baby girl, my sunshine”, – commented on the heartwarming selfie Elena Sparrow.

      The picture and the caption made an impression on followers celebrities. They began to make compliments paradisde and her lovely heiress, noting how she quickly grew up and turned into a real beauty.

      “Sonia grew up so much, But I remember on TV they said that you gave birth to. How time flies!”, “Elena, happy New Year! Happiness to you and your family. Remember Sonia, six years she was, she went to my daughters in English”, “Wonderful girl! Happiness to you both!”, “You girls are just beauties! Wish you happiness and that you always had it good!” “Beautiful girl, Aglaia Shilovskaya similar”, – admired mother and daughter fans of Elena Sparrow.

      It is worth noting that the past year was the tragic star. She lost two loved ones died of cancer Mama Elena Sparrow and tragically lost a beloved man, father Sony. Elena Sparrow spoke for the first time about the death of the father of your daughter

      Elena Sparrow admitted that is very dear to Igor and was ready to accept that she has to share him with another woman. The artist didn’t hurt that beloved did her after the divorce from his first wife. Not he called her to the registry office and when she told him that she was pregnant.

      “He took my daughter, but Sonya is my name, – said Elena. – In the column “father” at Sony says: “Igor Konstantinovich, according to mother.”

      Some time after the birth of her daughter beloved Elena Sparrow married a normal woman Luba. Sonia he visited once a year – birthday. He did not pay the alimony on its maintenance, but the Sparrow gratefully recalls how he has bought her daughter an apartment in Moscow. By the way, to claim the inheritance of the deceased beloved, the actress did not.