Елена Воробей балует больную дочь The Joker made for a teenager’s surprise. Daughter Elena Sparrow, Sonya is now in Germany. She had an operation on his back, and now the whole family is trying to rehab was most a short time.
Елена Воробей балует больную дочь

Last week, the famous comedian Elena Sparrow told his fans that her daughter Sonia was in the hospital in Germany. As it turned out, the girl had back problems, but the doctors in Moscow did not suspect anything serious and diagnosed with scoliosis. But then because of severe pain, the celebrity decided to take to Germany. There the girl underwent surgery. Now, in rehab, Elena tries to surround 15-year-old daughter maximum comfort and care. She published a picture from the chamber. Sparrow brought a favorite dish of the child, to raise her spirits.

“Made in “field conditions” without a kitchen favorite cold soup for my daughter! Sonia said she wanted to get back home and eat your favorite kholodnyk. I decided that there is nothing to wait for, desire must be fulfilled. Get well soon, my dear!” – wrote the Joker in the microblog.
Елена Воробей балует больную дочь

Elena was very worried for the life and health of the child – at first she didn’t move from the door of the Munich clinic. Later she told me that Sonya set 20 screws and two spindles in the back. All relatives wish only daughter Sparrow speedy recovery. In order to support the teenager arrived sister Anastasia, aunt Natalia and 70-year-old grandfather Yasha. Sparrow reported on the status of the health of the daughter. Elena Sparrow about the operation to his daughter: “She was in pain to sleep, hard to breathe”

“Sonia is feeling a little better. Were really more alone she can not do. Oh, and yesterday woke up appetite that is already loyal good sign!” – told the artist.

Fans were glad that Helen had left everything and she takes care of the daughter and cancelled their business only in order to be with an only child. They wished the girl a speedy recovery.

“What you are a great mommy! God forbid your daughter a speedy recovery!”, “The emergence of appetite – the result of recovery. Sonia, doll, let’s hurry up and get better. Speedy recovery to you, baby”, “I wish your daughter good health and a speedy return home, and you are super mom, just like my mom. It is important that mom was there and just was!” – wrote followers.