Elena Sparrow endures pain for the sake of the perfect buttocks

Елена Воробей терпит боль ради идеальных ягодиц The actress shared a video with procedure for correction of fat deposits. She jokes that hardware replaces her sports massage training. The whole process star was caught on camera and posted the video on the page in a social network.

      Known paradisica Elena Sparrow decided to obtain the perfect buttocks. The actress went for a procedure to a specialist, who with the help of a special type of massage has helped to put this part of the body of the star to its former elasticity. Sparrow caught the whole process on video and shared the video in social networks. In the caption, she hinted that even managed to lose weight over the Christmas holidays.

      “The priest left. I wouldn’t have expected! Left, but promised to return soon. So well after the holidays LPG-massage, shake to the whole body,” said Elena.

      First, the master carefully treated the problem areas of the stars with a special gel, and then started to drive on the Sparrow body apparatus with a massage showerhead. Typically, these procedures are very unpleasant, and sometimes, they even left bruises, which disappear in a few days. Subscribers Helena felt that it would be better to go to the gym, because exercise also helps to create the body of the dreams.

      Like many other celebrities, Elena Sparrow chose to celebrate the New year with relatives. On the eve of beside her was a daughter, Sonia. Followers Sparrow at first did not believe that the picture posted on the social network, captured her successor. “Our family new year’s eve was bright and cheerful. That’s what grown-my baby girl, my sunshine”, signed frame Elena Sparrow.

      The actress was glad to 2016 year ended, as it brought many sorrows to their family: her mom died from cancer, and died a beloved man, father Sony. Igor fell from the roof and suffered serious head trauma. Over a long period of time, all believed that he can be saved, despite the fact that the man was in a coma. Elena Sparrow spoke for the first time about the death of the father of your daughter

      “I raised all my connections, – said a Sparrow. – Igor was given a chamber, a special mattress, which provides blood circulation. He opened his eyes, he began to move his hands. We did not understand, he hears us or not, but I talked to him. Told me that his waiting daughter, sons. This struggle for life lasted for nine months, but we lost.”