Elena Sparrow changed his image

Елена Воробей сменила имидж
The actress tried extreme new haircut.

Oskar Kuchera. Elena Sparrow, Irina Klimova and Jemal, Tetruashvili in Anadyr

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Elena Sparrow used to change the image on the stage, but in life to radical shifts in the way she uses very rarely. However, on a recent tour in Magadan, the actress appeared with a new haircut “quads”, which praised her colleagues and the residents of Magadan.

Magadan Elena
was with a concert tour of the play “the man with the delivery
house.” By the way, the road from Anadyr to Moscow has turned Lena into a real adventure. The flight, which the actress had to return to Moscow
shooting TV project, due to poor weather initially detained for a few hours and then canceled! And a team of 9 actors are left to wait for flying weather at the airport.

Only through
day troupe “Men with home delivery” was able to sit in
the plane. However, the flight was not direct, but with landing to refuel in
Anadyr. Moreover, it was found that during a 14-hour flight on Board there will be food, hot drinks!

To buy food in Aeroport Anadyr was impossible: it has already been purchased by passengers from other flights waiting for departure already not
the first day. The products were impossible to buy and a radius of 30 km from aerogauge (there was the nearest town). Sparrow
guessed to call the village to this location. She started the conversation with his catchphrase “Well, take
me!” adding, “Well, feed me…”. The hearts of the workers of Anadyr
hotels immediately flinch, and right up to the plane, which was already
the artists were immediately organized
shipping hot food!