Елена Воробей привезла в Россию дочку, перенесшую сложную операцию
Paradisica showed how is the rehabilitation of the Sony.

Elena Sparrow father and daughter

Photo: @Instagram vorobei_elena Elena Sparrow

Elena Sparrow family recently returned home from Germany, where her 15-year-old daughter had had a serious operation on the spine. The actress told that she will need time for rehabilitation. The first time Sonia could not even sit up in bed, unable to stand or walk. Fortunately, the worst is behind us. Now daughter Helen feels much better. Recently, she and her mother rode on the water bus on the Moscow river.

Sparrow wants to forget the whole history of illness of the daughter, like a bad dream. “Dear friends, with my daughter, we returned to Moscow, home. Our Munich spring is finally over and in front of a favorite summer! But there’s still time to grab at least the edge of the spring beauty to behold as the lilac blooms, the birds poured, the sun Peeps and it was so green everywhere!” — says Elena.

Earlier, Sparrow was told that the doctors Metropolitan hospital refused to put Sonia diagnosis. After the first contact, my daughter Elena was diagnosed with “mild scoliosis”. During the next visit she did not find deviations from norms, while the girl suffered from back pain. Paradisica took the daughter to Germany, where she was appointed an urgent spinal surgery. Sparrow promised after the recovery of my daughter to start proceedings with the Moscow clinic failed to give Sonya a certificate of back problems.