Elena Sparrow announced that it has become a victim of fraud in Spain

Елена Воробей сообщила о том, что стала жертвой мошенников в Испании
Recently, well-known comedian Elena Sparrow was quick to warn his fans.

Елена Воробей сообщила о том, что стала жертвой мошенников в Испании

Elena said that the real estate agent that helped her to buy a house in Spain a few years ago, had deceived her. But the Joker chose not to report.

“I don’t want unsuspecting citizens have become another victim of this rogue. Attention, owners of property in Spain, be careful. Do not trust the keys to their houses and apartments this man! You risk to be deceived,” said Sparrow.

Елена Воробей сообщила о том, что стала жертвой мошенников в Испании

At the same time the agent believes that Elena just offended her revenge.

“Last year, she decided to give the property to my clients – a nice Ukrainian family. Paid in cash. However, she passed a house so dirty that the tenant had to clean up. In September, clients again turned to us, paid the Deposit for this summer. But in may, the Sparrow came to them, saying, which increases the rental price. Said she needed the money. Think it has to do with the surgery daughter. Customers I offered to communicate with her directly or choose the other two houses, because I didn’t want to get involved – Helen is still the owner of the property. And yesterday I told her that we need to renew the insurance. The fact that the insurance policy issued on my husband, because he had a discount. Probably, the message brought a Sparrow out. She texted me strange things, saying that I stole her design and put Chinese. And now this post.

The house that I bought Elena wasn’t new, so it was rebuilt and repaired it myself. It was strange to hear her accusations, if I was renting property to customers behind her, they say, new year’s eve in the Windows a light was burning – it’s not true! All the neighbors know each other, I wouldn’t do that,” said Julia Galkina.

Firm Julia deals with the selection of the property to which often by Russian stars.

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